Stem Cells – Learn How You Can Feel Better

There are two types of stem cells. Embryonic stem cells form after conception and their job is to create a baby. Hopefully, it will be an adorable infant whose parents can show off with home movies and snapshots. Stem cells don’t decide this, but they are the meat and potatoes of the process.  These cells […]

More Questions and Answers About Stem Cell Science and Arthritis

In a previous article I discussed what stem cells (SCs) are… they are blank slate cells. And I discussed the various properties they have. They can divide and renew themselves; they are unspecialized, meaning they have not yet become a specific tissue type; and they are capable of becoming specialized cell types. Also, when placed […]

The Secret About Adult Stem Cells

Most people have heard something about stem cells (ASC). Unfortunately most of it is regarding embryonic stem cells which are highly controversial and have sparked an ethical debate. ASC on the other hand are naturally present in the bone marrow and have been there since birth. ASC are the body’s natural renewal system and scientific […]

Here is Some Late Breaking News About Adult Stem Cells

Everyone is aware of the controversy surrounding embryonic stem cells, those from unborn fetuses. But not everyone is aware that adult stem cells, those that are naturally present in the body from the moment you are born can become virtually any cell in the body. In essence they are the body’s natural renewal system; in […]

Why Adult Stem Cells Matter to You

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Adult Stem Cell Research Needs More Attention

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